Product Designer

Most websites today are distributed systems, made up of app servers, databases, and caches. Managing distributed systems is tricky, and writing distributed systems is even trickier. Our mission is to make building and running these systems as easy as building or running an app on your smartphone.

Your application on any infrastructure

My roles and responsibilities included product, brand, and event design.

DC/OS - Services
Brand Design

DC/OS - Services

In 2015 the boutique design agency I was apart of, H1 Studios, was acquired by one our clients, Mesosphere. We were brought in to create their in-house design team.

Marathon Refresh

At Mesosphere I was appointed to update the UI for the open-source project Marathon, an Apache Mesos framework for container orchestration. Marathon provides an API for starting, stoping, and scaling applications/services.

Breaking down the old Marathon UI into views and actions
Marathon service collection view
Marathon service detail view
Bringing Marathon into DC/OS

After a successful refresh of the Marathon open-source UI and understanding of all of its nuances, I began the process of adapting its features into our main product — DC/OS.

Services inside of DC/OS
Instances of a service
Service details view
Detailed debug information on how web service is preforming
Information on active service deployment

Brand Design

At Mesosphere my job description changed on a daily bases. At any moment I could be working on DC/OS, designing trade show booths and swag, or adding a touch of flair to the office.

Custom icons for
1.9 product launch stickers
Internal sticker concepts
Team stickers
DC/OS launch rockets! (these got us into trouble at trade shows)
DC/OS T-shirts
Shower door artwork