Product Designer

Haven is dedicated to making global trade as efficient as it can be. Instead of adding people and processes, we simplify and streamline your operations with technology.

90% of everything is transported via cargo ship

My roles and responsibilities included product design, design system "freight" management, and updating Haven's web properties.

User Dashboard
RFQ Flow
Provider Analytics

User Dashboard

When logging into Haven we wanted the experience to be clear what tasks you have to complete, easy access to starting a new order, your current volume/spend, and the ability to see the status of any of your current orders – all in one view.

Haven dashboard

Tasks were made into actionable cards, hovering would provide a quick and easy CTA to complete. You no longer needed to click into the order level to find where you should upload the Bill of Lading.

RFQ Flow

We wanted to make the process of requesting a quote as easy as possible. We began by breaking up the content into easy to manage chunks and creating conditional forms. For example, if you select "tools & equipment" as your commodity type we make sure to ask whether or not this shipment includes batteries. The reason being shipments containing certain types of batteries can not be situated near other container types during their voyage.

Walking through the RFQ flow
Receiving Provider Quotes

Once quotes begin to come we organize them into a columned list, breaking down the cost of each component.

Selecting a quote

Provider Analytics

A question we were often asked: "how are my transport providers doing?". Users wanted to know if their providers were living up to what they agreed to in their contracts. Provider performance aimed to give an inside look into how much of your contractual shipment obligation you've met, an average on how on-time your shipments were, and the average amount of time it took to hear back from your providers.

Provider collection view
Provider detail view